Images 1, 2, and 3 courtesy of malxk.


FALLEN RAVEN is Summrs’ passionate new 23-piece Hip hop project. Released on June 27th, 2022, this massive project runs for 54 minutes and 33 seconds. It is full of melodies that range from banging and aggressive—with “Dont Mean Shit” for example, which hits with hard bass and an unchained synth progression—all the way to slow and somber, on cuts like “Dear Mom,”. The track features a plethora of content, both musically and lyrically. He goes into elaborate detail about topics such as his lifestyle, struggles, family, and more. Summrs gives us a little bit of everything on this project, as mentioned before, and it really shows his versatility; he is able to tap into his deepest emotions and darkest thoughts, spilling his heart out over beats that are soft and moody, while on other tracks he does the complete opposite; killing off those demons and striking the harder beats with a relentless and savage flow. Featuring beats from producers such as Bhristo and Goyxrd, and an album cover from Malxk, with motion design from ripbasar, as well as multiple visuals, this project does not lack at all on the production side of things. Additionally, the sound quality is amazing all throughout it, as we are able to really hear his emotions seeping through the track in his voice.


The album also has no features, which is absolutely mental considering the length of it, and it really shows us what he is capable of, as he is able to deliver 23 solo tracks that can all stand alone and still sound amazing, all with no help. The music videos are also wonderful. The visual for “Swing Ya Pole”, directed by jmoney1041, shot and edited by 88films is clean and energetic, with tons of fun shots such as him lifting weights and some cool 3D work. The video for “Caused Envy.”, also directed by jmoney1041, shot and edited by 88lamim and jmoney1041 is much more cinematic and vibey, with shots of the city at night, him chilling on the balcony, and a little snippet of this album charting at number 7 on the Apple Music charts. The one for “FTW”, directed by anti_fl and Rino (Summrs), and edited by malxk, is also more vibey, with tons of shots with him chilling around the crib in his element. Lastly, the music video for “Perfect Timing”, directed by anti_fl, with vfx by malxk and exrtgreen is energetic and flashy, with tons of shots with him wearing clean outfits and chilling around.


The album is an excellent showcase of the things that Summrs is capable of, as well as a testament to what he has been through in his career and personal life; in my eyes, this one is kind of a milestone in his career as well. The content in this album is very relatable and deep, and it is sure to make you feel some type of emotion, whether it be balling your eyes out alone in a dark room at the darkest hours of the day, or riding around on a sunny day with your windows down and a smile on your face.

  1. Let da birds out [prod. Jaxx, Hurtboy AG, Mat1k & Oscar4400xy]

    The first track of the project features a grand melody and lead as well as quick, jabbing bars and heavy hitting drums; he goes into details about his lifestyle.

  2. Wakeup [prod. whylunar & Bhristo]

    This one is relentlessly aggressive, and the beat is equally non-compromising in energy; on this track he talks about his wealth and plans to expand it.

  3. So Much Cheese [prod. Prod Pink, bart how & Hudson Major]

    With a more trippy and dissonant vibe, this track continues going into detail about his wealth and lifestyle, with more staccato vocals.

  4. Catch a Kill [prod. Hudson Major]

    The beat on this one goes in a direction that is hard-hitting, but yet also manages to build suspense and atmosphere, it goes into further detail about his lifestyle.

  5. FadaPhilippe [prod. Bhristo, GeoGotBands & Hurtboy AG]

    Going in a darker, more lowkey direction, this track talks more about his lifestyle, as he spits cutting bars about extravagance and luxury.

  6. Twin did dat [prod. ProdCharger, GeoGotBands & Hurtboy AG]

    Taking on a melodic and vibey direction, the energy and bars on this one go into detail about his past, as well as future plans, finding the balance with a steady, climactic beat and smooth flow.

  7. Swing Ya Pole [prod. Paulo, Venexxi & Mingo]

    Unleashing a cutthroat and arrogant flow and aura, this track wastes no time, immediately seeing him go in on a hard beat and discussing what he wants to buy and his current successes. This one also has a clean music video.

  8. Clear Da Bidness [prod. Only1Shredder, Hurtboy AG & GeoGotBands]

    With a chaotic, ground-shaking beat, this cut features him going in about his lifestyle and the way that he moves over an onslaught of flowing drums and unforgiving 808s.

  9. Calico From Mehico [prod. Whoisriqo & GeoGotBands]

    A wonky, steady-banging track with this certain multi-dimensional element to it, that creates a lot of depth between the fluctuations in the beat and the consistency of the vocals.

  10. Dont Mean Shit [prod. BenjiCold]

    Cold, straightforward banger.

  11. 5:35 am interlude [prod. Hurtboy AG & Clay Priskorn]

    Taking on a more slow pace, this one is a soft song with a moody piano beat, which features Summrs beautifully vocalizing his pain, mainly deriving from his heartbreak and struggles.

  12. Vail, CO [prod. Bhristo]

    A sonic landscape of extravagance and vibes which makes me picture a cool, sparkling waterfall and a slowly rising, warm sun in the earliest hours of the day.

  13. For you Interlude [prod. Ben10k, Dirty Dave & Danes Blood]

    A chill, laid-back poetic expression of Summrs life as it stands, bringing to the table everything that comes with it.

  14. Ashes [prod. BEATSAINTFREE JG, JB Sauced Up, lvl35dav & Hurtboy AG]

    A deep, pain-filled symphony that sees Summrs in his feelings, expressing his regrets and struggles in a very heartfelt, sincere manner.

  15. Cuts so Deep 2 [prod. Goyxrd]

    An unhinged, swerving orchestra of pain and struggle, with an unhinged beat that gives off overwhelmed and tired vibes. This track was also initially on What We Have 2.

  16. FTW [prod. 30nickk]

    A clean, rhythmic song with a beat that is kind of like a high-speed ride where the driver is completely in control, aware of what is around him, and is not stopping. This song has a dope music video. This track was also initially on What We Have 2.

  17. Perfect Timing [prod. KxngRada & Goyxrd]

    A groovy, upbeat track that radiates positive energy, while still grazing over subjects that are heavier. This track has a clean music video. This track was also initially on What We Have 2.

  18. Soulja Rag [prod. 30nickk]

    A vibey, consistent cut with a series of lines that are delivered in an honest and dynamic manner, going into detail about his lifestyle.

  19. Bonnie & Klyde 2 [prod. Goyxrd]

    A harmonious, and apologetic love letter.

  20. NSA [prod. 30nickk]

    A wholehearted, vibed-out love song. This track was also initially on What We Have 2.

  21. Dear Mom, [prod. 30nickk]

    A deeply profound, emotion-filled letter to his late mother, thanking her for her many sacrifices, and apologizing for her many struggles and his shortcomings, making promises that things are going to work out for the better.

  22. Loving u is a Sin [prod. BEATSAINTFREE JG, Nick Schmidt & Hurtboy AG]

    A sorrowful, passionate confession of his love for this girl, as well as a display of his lifestyle and worries.

  23. Caused Envy. [prod. Txylordank, oktanner & Bhristo]

    An up-and-down thrill ride of an outro, with undeniable energy consisting of pain and coping. This cut has a cinematic music video.


Overall, FALLEN RAVEN is a beautiful, large-scale project that is loaded with tons of standout solo songs which feature Summrs spilling his heart out about his struggles, pain, etc., and/or manifesting more success, wealth, or motion in his life, all over a collection of serene, hard-hitting beats, with glistening visuals to accompany the project; it is truly an accolade.



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